Hibery Hibery Set of 2 Meat Thermometers & Kitchen Digital Cooking Thermometer, Best Wireless Electronic Food Instant Read Thermometer for Candy, BBQ and Grill, Fast & Constant Meat Thermometers

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Size : The total length of the food thermometer is 9 inches and the length of the pointer is 5.9 inches.
Material : Read food read temperature thermometer made of high quality 304 stainless steel and protected by a handy storage case, this backlit meat cooking thermometer is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
Color : Digital thermometer cooking have 2 Different colors - Black, White.
Contents : The grill meat cooking thermometer 5.9 inches long probe keeps you from burning your hands while measuring. Easy to stab in the food / meat with the slender probe tip.
Design : The grill meat cooking thermometer comes with a 10-minute automatic shutdown features which prevents your food thermometer's battery from getting used up.
Temperature range : - 50? - 300?( - 58? - 572??
Include : Set of 2 Digital Thermometer Cooking.
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